Your continued use of MAIN.LINK™ implies agreement with these terms.  These terms are subject to change, sometimes without notice, and users are responsible for being aware of what the current terms are.  MAIN.LINK™ is an internet platform, and as such, you will not hold MAIN.LINK™ legally liable for any action(s) taken by other users on this website.  Users are ultimately responsible for their own behavior, words, and actions, not MAIN.LINK™ or any of its administrators, employees, moderators, or volunteers.


I. ACCOUNTS.  Users may only have one account/profile.  Users determined to have more than one account may be removed without notice.  Shared and family accounts are permitted, however.  In other words, a couple or family could share a single account.  Accounts are for individuals or family units only.  For the promotion of businesses, organizations, associations, bands, etc, individual users can create groups or pages.

II. LOCAL LAW.  Users are personally responsible for ensuring that whatever actions they take on MAIN.LINK™ comply with any and all local laws in the municipality, county, region, district, state, province, or country in which they live.  MAIN.LINK™ intends to comply with these laws whenever necessary.

III. BEHAVIOR.  The MAIN.LINK™ vision is all about freedom, privacy, and decency.  In keeping with these three foundational principles we are determined to keep the website a safe and free place to share and socialize without fear of political or religious reprisals because of differences of views or values.  We also want to strive to maintain your personally-identifiable information, unlike many of our competitors.  User and privacy rights are our chief concern, but we also care deeply about protecting users from threats of violence and from harassment.  There is no long list of "dos" and "donts" and for that reason the short list of rules that we do have will be strictly enforced:

A. No illegal activity.  Don't share or post anything illegal.  Because of the overwhelming number of laws in the world we will generally enforce this rule based on the laws of the United States, but we do expect and encourage users to abide by the laws local to them, as well.

B. No threats of violence.  Don't share anything that will be construed as a threat of violence by you or your organization against an individual, organization, ethnic group, association, or country.  Please note that this is not a ban on so-called "hate speech".  Hate speech is subjective and its prohibition is often a tool of censorship.  We do not support such prohibitions.  You are free to share your political and religious views as you see fit without fear of reprisal, so long as you do not threaten violence.

C. No harassing behavior.  Don't spam someone's wall, repeatedly try to contact, or private message someone when they specifically request that you do not do so.  This is not a hard and fast rule because we do not want this to be used as a tool of censorship either, and for that reason, charges of harassment will be individually investigated.

D. No pornography.  Don't upload or share any photos or files containing legal or illegal pornographic content.  This rule also includes pictures, images, and videos of the exposed genitalia or buttocks of either male or female persons or the exposed breasts of female persons.

E. No grotesque depictions of violence.  In terms of violence, we would rate MAIN.LINK™ as PG-13.  You can post certain violent content, so long as it is not "grotesque".  Posting a video of your recent Call of Duty gameplay is fine.  Posting pictures of someone splattered along the side of the highway is not.  This is also not a hard and fast rule, but it should generally be self-evident what goes too far.  Keep in mind that children and families are using this platform.

F. No malicious use of the website.  Using MAIN.LINK™ as a platform to cause demonstrable harm to other websites' internet infrastructure or services or to cause harm to this website's infrastructure or services, is grounds for immediate account termination and loss of all photos, files, ads, and any and all MAIN.LINK™ investments - material, financial, digital, or otherwise.

Violation of A., B., D., or F. are grounds for immediate revocation of your user account, as well as loss of all files, photos, and other material.  C. and E. will typically be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Wanton violations may result in revocation of accounts and online property, but warnings will typically be given first.  Please carefully note that we will pursue all available legal action against A., B., D., or F. violators whose activity is suspected or determined to be illegal. 

IV. DISCRIMINATION.  We do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, gender, or religious affiliation.

V. TERMINATION.  You may deactivate your account at any time and reopen it, if, at some point in the future, you want to return to the platform.  If you want to permanently delete your account and all associated information, please send a request to support@main.link.