One of the foundational principles of MAIN.LINK™ is the belief that personal rights exist not only in the real world, but on the internet, too.  Your right to privacy doesn't suddenly evaporate just because you've logged into a website.  Many internet giants disagree, but our mission is to change that.

Our privacy statement is quite simple: your privacy is in your own hands.  Share with only those you want to share with.  The MAIN.LINK™ platform allows for granular privacy control of virtually everything you do right when you do it.  Use the privacy dropdown to select whether you want your action to be visible to you only (private), friends only, logged in users only, or everyone.  You can change your personal profile and private messaging privacy in My Account > Settings > Privacy and you can set a default privacy in My Account > Settings > Your default access level.

MAIN.LINK™ does not share or sell your information to third parties and does not use your personally identifiable information for analytics purposes.  We do internally track IPs for moderation, but this information is not shared externally.  Additionally, we do use safe, traditional analytics research to determine statistics that can help us to better serve the community, but this information is not used to personally identify anyone.

Lastly, it is important to remember that while we do not have any malicious intent to misuse your private information, the same cannot be said for other internet users.  If you share something on the internet you are ultimately responsible for ensuring it is something that you want to share.  You are responsible for using the available privacy features when necessary.  You are also responsible for recognizing how this website's terms may affect your privacy.  If you share something illegal, even if privately, and it is flagged by our system, we will not hesitate to report that material to the appropriate authorities.