MAIN.LINK™ is the next generation social network, search engine, and browser homepage.  A new platform that helps you connect and communicate with your friends and surf the web with ease, all from one central location, while giving you the power to control exactly what you want to share with the world.

Over the past several years there have been growing concerns about privacy rights, especially in regards to internet giants such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  Personally-identifiable data has been sold to third-party advertisers and user rights and privacy have frequently been violated with wanton disregard.  In addition, a variety of political and religious views that differ from the popular opinions held in Silicon Valley have been attacked, maligned, censored, and even prohibited.  We want to change that by giving a superior venue for the free exchange of ideas while maintaining your privacy.

In the 21st century the internet has become the world's central public forum and platforms that operate in this space need to recognize that personal rights exist here just as much as they exist in the real world.

Take a look at a few of MAIN.LINK's awesome features:

  • SOCIAL NETWORK.  The social hub of the future where user rights and privacy are respected.  You control exactly what you want to share.  All religious and political views and content are welcome.  Censorship and favoring certain content is strictly prohibited.  Only threatening, illegal, or pornographic content is disallowed, so that the atmosphere remains safe and kid-friendly.
  • SUPERSEARCH.  Rather than navigating to your favorite websites and search engines, the MAIN.LINK SuperSearch Engine consolidates it all in one place.  You choose where you want to search and then click "Go!" or simply hit Enter.  It's quite simply the most convenient tool on the web.
  • BOOKMARKS.  Consolidate your favorite websites all in one place.  Why have separate favorites and bookmark lists in Chrome, FireFox, IE, and Safari and on desktop and mobile devices, when you can instead have one list that goes wherever you go?  With MAIN.LINK's bookmark feature you only need one set of favorites and you don't have to worry about losing it whenever you get a new device or install a new browser.
  • QUICK LINKS.  Links to all of the internet's top websites in one convenient location.  Just one click to anywhere!
  • GROUPS.  Start an online community of like-minded individuals where you can discuss, take surveys, share photos, and much more.
  • PAGES.  Advertise your business, organization, or idea with a specialty page where you can share important information with the world.
  • THE MARKETPLACE.  Post advertisements for goods, services, or jobs that can be seen by the entire MAIN.LINK community.
  • FILES & PHOTOS.  Upload your favorite photos and files with granular privacy settings.
  • MESSAGING.  Send private messages to your friends.
  • PROFILES & DASHBOARDS.  Create an awesome personal profile and dashboard with customizable gizmos.
  • ...And much, much more!